Sponsorship Toolkit

Why a play area?

Play areas are used to draw traffic and increase revenue.  Patrons indicate that a play area enables them to stay longer and causes them to return more often.  Consumer research continually shows that a play area and soft seating are among the top requested amenities in shopping centers.  This is why…Play Areas are a proven, powerful venue for sponsorships.

PLAYTIME and Sponsorships

People visit malls as a destination to explore, have fun, socialize and relax. It is a comfortable environment to reach a broad audience and drive awareness to your services, locations and emphasize Brand Awareness.

Tap into our package of success stories and best practice guidelines for ways to secure sponsors for new and renewed play area projects. From designed corporate mascots to sponsor-themed and branded play elements,PLAYTIME can help you secure partners to fund and promote your play area.

Toolkit checklist

  • Educational Presentation – how to sell a play area sponsorship
  • Presentation to a Potential Sponsor – why a sponsor should partner with you
  • Case Studies
  • Marketing tools
    • Grand opening kit
    • Installation video – compare the before and after
    • Press releases
    • Social Media

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