Tap into our package of testimonials, success stories and best practice guidelines for how to pitch sponsors, brand soft play areas and gain partner support for new and renewed play area projects. From designed corporate mascots to sponsor-themed and branded play elements, PLAYTIME can help you secure sponsorships and brand partners to fund and promote your soft play area. Designed to engage children, PLAYTIME is trusted by more major brands to bring their image to life, including McDonald’s, Warner Bros., Sesame Street, Garfield & Friends, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, LA Fitness and Life Time Fitness.

HOW DOES PLAYTIME BUILD BRANDS? PLAYTIME creates community icons one project at a time. Whether we are enhancing a local McDonald’s PlayPlace, or installing a larger than life breakfast set for Denver’s Cherry Creek Mall, we create a unique destination that differentiates your business.

To the extent that a brand is involved, what better way to create a lasting impression than having friends and neighbors within a community talking about the new Looney Tunes play area sponsored by the local hospital or professional sports team from that region?


PLAYTIME makes a dramatic and lasting impact on every business that it touches.

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