Play Dates


Make PLAYTIME your play date destination! Families with young children worldwide are discovering the draw of play areas for bringing families together to play, shop, eat, workout and socialize in malls, restaurants, and other businesses where families may bring their kids.

From retail shopping centers to health and fitness clubs to McDonald’s PlayPlaces, PLAYTIME provides a great play date destination for moms and dads to gather with friends and enjoy a cup of coffee, a workout class and/or conversation while their children play.

One way families are scheduling play dates is online, mommy blogs are leading the way in linking up families online for PLAYTIME play dates on location. For example, “Whoa Momma” wrote: “Free and cheap family fun this week! Some of our Mommas here have already checked out the new pirate-themed children’s soft play area and say it’s a hit with the tots.” These social media sites help to generate buzz and connect parents looking for a play date.

PLAN YOUR NEXT PLAY DATE AT PLAYTIME. And let your children discover the power of imaginative play. Check out YouTube, MileHiMamas or your local moms website for play area news, or enter your zip code to search here to find a play area for your next play date.

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