1. Will my PLAYTIME® play area be unique?
Just like a snowflake – no two play areas are exactly alike. We offer a fully or partially customized solution. Even if you purchase some of our standard elements, you have the opportunity to configure those pieces in a unique way.

2. What make PLAYTIME play areas clean and healthy?
Our coatings are smooth and nonporous, so no germs collect on them. Soft, safe and durable, our products are certified antibacterial and fungal resistant materials (ASTM G21,E2180). In addition, with the use of simple cleaning products, like bleach, you can wipe away any potential germs.

3. What makes a PLAYTIME play area different from standard playground equipment?
Unlike other play systems, each PLAYTIME soft play area is exclusively yours — custom designed, handcrafted and assembled just for your one-of-a- kind location. Architect-friendly and aesthetically themed, each PLAYTIME® play area is uniquely designed to drive traffic and enhance your family brand.

4. How do PLAYTIME play areas stimulate kids to interact?
Interaction is over a series of levels: driving community interaction by attracting people your play area, and kids interacting with each other and/or with the play pieces all while they are developing their education, imagination and interpersonal skills.

5. What type of places install PLAYTIME soft play areas?
Thousands of families experience PLAYTIME everyday at shopping centers, restaurants, healthcare centers and fitness centers, recreation centers, water parks, airports, stadiums and childcare centers – everywhere kids play.

6. What makes PLAYTIME products safe?
They are squishy, ASTM and ADA certified, include safety flooring, clear space safety zones, and padded seating. All designs and installations are reviewed by a certified safety inspector.

7. How do I get started?
To get started, gather your concepts and ideas, available budget and space and contact us. We will work with you closely at each and every step – from concept design through project management and installation.

8. Can I receive a written estimate?
PLAYTIME provides all of our customers with a written proposal that includes design scope and cost estimates. Estimates are valid for 30 days from the date of estimate.

9. What are your payment terms?
PLAYTIME requires payment of 50% of total cost at time of order, and 50% payment due prior to final shipment. Total cost includes shipping and handling, plus any applicable state sales taxes.

10. How are PLAYTIME play areas delivered and installed?
A PLAYTIME truck will arrive with all your soft play system components on board. You may self-install or one of our trained installers will take care of installation.  Watch our time-lapse PLAYTIME play area installation video.

11. What type of warranty do you offer?
PLAYTIME offers a One Year Limited Warranty on PLAYTIME  products based on manufacturing defect. In order to receive a refund or exchange for the PLAYTIME product or system, it must have been purchased directly from PLAYTIME  or from an authorized PLAYTIME distributor. PLAYTIME RESERVES THE RIGHT TO CHANGE, MODIFY, OR CANCEL THIS GUARANTEE AT ANY TIME.