Little Squirts Systems


PLAYTIME offers complete, turnkey Little Squirts kiddie pool systems or individual water play elements. Kids love to exercise their imaginations as much as their bodies. Interacting with our creative water play products provides hours of fun for your little ones. Our water spray parks offer an interactive water playground for our smallest fans.

Choose from dozens of themed water play features and “Squirt Zone” technology creatures for your resort and recreation centers. Because kids in pools need supervision, PLAYTIME designed its Little Squirts system with parents in mind. Our poolside seating clusters provide a place for toddlers to play and parents to relax while their “Little Squirts” play.

Standard Little Squirts features include:

• Fun, interactive water play elements
• “Squirt Zone” technology available
• Bolt downs, floatables, slides and water walks
• Custom themed climbers, tunnels and water walls
• Integrated adult area seating
Download our Little Squirts Brochure and contact us to learn more.

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