Outdoor Play Areas



PLAYTIME Helps You to Attract a Crowd

PLAYTIME combines traditional sculpting techniques with UV-stable rubber coatings to create extremely durable PlayTuff® outdoor play area systems (including water play equipment.) A dream-come-true for parents and clients, PLAYTIME products stand up against the inevitable wear and tear of shoes and weather while maintaining an easy-to-clean, antibacterial surface.

PLAYTIME’s modern outdoor play area design is softer and safer than traditional outdoor playgrounds. Challenge us to create a one-of-a-kind outdoor play area for you and let us deliver that “WOW factor” you’ve always wanted!

Realistic or Whimsical?

PLAYTIME makes it easy to design and install attractive and aesthetically pleasing children’s playgrounds. Architects can specify designs with realistic, matte finishes to create a very real looking turtle or fish climber. Or, you may opt for whimsical, brightly colored creatures with sparkly eyes, animated features, or anything in between.

We also make elegant architectural accents that can serve as play elements, seating or even just visual appeal. Our new line, called “PlaySculpt,” is a direct response to architects and interior/exterior designers who want to offer play features that also match the aesthetics of their properties.

Spruce up Your Outdoor Fountain Play Area

PLAYTIME water play features can also be incorporated into outdoor common areas. Children always have a blast with PLAYTIME water play features, which can also be incorporated into outdoor play areas and playgrounds.


Search our locations to view some of the PLAYTIME outdoor play areas we’ve created for our customers. Download our outdoor play area brochure or contact us to learn more.

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