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Safety Features

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PLAYTIME is dedicated to offering our customers safe playgrounds that are designed and manufactured in accordance with the highest industry standards and safety guidelines. All PLAYTIME play elements are soft, squishy, and surrounded with padded safety flooring. And, each play area design is reviewed by a certified PLAYTIME safety inspector. PLAYTIME has taken an active role in both developing and adhering to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard safety specifications for playground equipment.

PLAY AREA OPERATIONS. Operating and offering a safe play environment for your customers takes dedication and a commitment to safety. Understanding the staff's responsibilities, play area rules, and being able to spot and prevent misuse of the soft play area provides a strong foundation for providing a safe play environment. There are several critical factors PLAYTIME recommends in the operation of your play area system:

  • A well maintained and clean play system
  • Well trained and diligent staff that are knowledgeable about current playground safety guidelines, playground rules and regular playground maintenance
  • Appropriate safety surfacing
  • A daily, weekly and monthly cleaning and inspection program that is strictly adhered to
  • Commitment to take immediate corrective action of soft play equipment when necessary
  • Proper display of signage

SAFETY SURFACING. A critical element to providing a safe play environment is installing high-quality, impact absorbing surfacing beneath the play elements. Safety surfacing is designed to reduce the occurrence and severity of injury by absorbing shock and impact during a fall. Safety surfacing is necessary in soft play areas, use zones and slide use zones immediately adjacent to accessible parts of the play area.

RULES SIGNAGE. PLAYTIME recommends that our customers review all specific state and local laws, regulations and codes that may pertain to operating their play area. At a minimum, PLAYTIME recommends posting the rules and cautionary statements at the entrance and around the perimeter of your play area.

ADULT SUPERVISION. PLAYTIME equipment is intended for use in a monitored play environment, where children are supervised by responsible adults. Adult supervision is critical to ensure that children are in the age-appropriate areas, are using the equipment properly, and are within their physical abilities. Proper monitoring by play area operators should reduce instances of misuse.

General Compliance Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) certificates are available upon request. 

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