Healthy Play


PLAYTIME’s play areas promote fun, healthy and happy kids – providing countless activities for children in a safe and healthy environment. PLAYTIME’s unique play areas provide a great place for children to exercise while they learn. Our low profile climbers, slides and crawl tunnels help develop gross motor skills, test spatial relationships and build confidence.

PLAYTIME CONNECTS WITH KIDS. Our bright and squishy, soft-sculpted foam creations provide a safe, fun environment that nurtures kids and their imaginations. PLAYTIME makes children happy. Education Week research reports that kids gain cognitive benefits from play and exercise. Play can improve thinking processes that involve planning, organizing, developing abstract thought and maintaining self-control in as little as 20 minutes of interactive play. And more play counteracts childhood obesity!

Active play experiences are part of a healthy lifestyle that parents want for their children. Because our products create imaginative experiences, PLAYTIME is the product of choice for enhancing the offering for any childcare, fitness or healthcare center. And when you add the naturally antibacterial nature of our products to the equation, PLAYTIME really is the healthiest choice for kids play experiences.

Please watch our Healthy Play Video and contact us to learn more.

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