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PLAYTIME engages Authorized Dealers based on company qualifications, sales volume, national or international customer commitments and level of customer support.

PLAYTIME's Authorized Dealers can purchase PLAYTIME at wholesale discount to sell to their customers. We provide you with the tools you need to sell PLAYTIME – including PLAYTIME collateral, logos and images for your use.

Are you qualified to be a PLAYTIME Authorized Dealer? Do you:

  • Have an existing customer base, distribution or sales operation in a PLAYTIME national or international target market?
  • Have demonstrated success selling playground and/or pool equipment?
  • Have the financial resources and track record to carry inventory, service customers and collect customer payments?

If so, the PLAYTIME Authorized Dealer Program may be right for you.

To enroll in our program, please contact us for a PLAYTIME Dealer Agent Application Form.

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