PLAYTIME partners with retail developers, architects, playground equipment dealers and sales agents to provide indoor, outdoor and water playground solutions nationally and internationally. We work with our partners to design and develop the right play area solution for their customers and developments.


PLAYTIME delivers our partners and customers with this unique value proposition:

  • Performance leadership in soft play areas for young children (value, design, quality)
  • Shared passion for and focus on health of children
  • Soft play products that welcome children of all ages and their families
  • Versatile and affordable soft play areas and programming that ensure our customers are successful and profitable

Partnering with PLAYTIME means that you will offer a unique amenity that differentiates your brand and drives traffic to your location.


PLAYTIME engages Authorized Dealers & Agents based on company or individual qualifications, sales volume, national or international customer commitments and level of customer support.

  • PLAYTIME Authorized Dealers can purchase PLAYTIME at wholesale discount to sell to their customers.
  • PLAYTIME Authorized Agents may sell PLAYTIME products and services on a local, regional or national basis and earn a commission payment on qualified PLAYTIME sales.

Are you qualified to be a PLAYTIME Authorized Dealer or Agent? Do you:

  • Have an existing customer base, distribution or sales operation in a PLAYTIME national or international target market?
  • Have demonstrated success selling playground and/or pool equipment?
  • Have the financial resources and track record to carry inventory, service customers and collect customer payments?

If so, the PLAYTIME Authorized Dealer or Agent Program may be right for you.

To enroll, please complete the contact form on this page to receive an application form, or contact us.

View current international dealers here.