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  • The Serious Need for Play

    Windward Mall, Hawaii

    To an adult, a cardboard box is nothing more than packaging. To a child, it can be a spaceship, an underwater cave, a race car, a library or even an imaginary robot friend. Watching a young child play in this imaginative way, it might seem like she’s doing nothing more than having fun. But there’s […]

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  • Washington Dulles opens NASA-themed Kids’ FunWay airport play area

    Washington Dulles International Airport, in partnership with NASA, is making travel even more enjoyable for its youngest customers. Children traveling through Dulles International can take off on their very own “FunWay” adventure in a new children’s airport play area designed and manufactured by PLAYTIME.

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  • Westfield® Fashion Square Play Area Blends Fun, Beauty and History

    “Honestly, it´s one of the most beautiful play areas I´ve ever seen in a shopping center,” says Juliet Mothershed, Director of Marketing, Westfield Fashion Square. “It´s even compelling to adults. When I give tours to partners and other visitors, I take them there. It´s a beautiful destination.”

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  • Refresh Your Play Area for the New Year

    In preparation for a busy holiday season, it’s a great time to start thinking about how PLAYTIME can help in the in 2017. There are simple ways to brighten, refresh or add new components to your play area. Here are four ideas to make your play area feel new and exciting again.

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  • Gold’s Gym Mission Reinvests in Play, Enhances Member Experience

    Gold’s Gym Mission, in Mission, TX, has created a whole new family experience by adding an outdoor play area that children love. Now, parents can work out knowing their children are having fun in the Kid’s Zone. “Having an area exclusively for kids is essential for our members who are parents since it allows them to exercise and focus in their fitness goals while we take care of their kids.”

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  • Therapeutic Play at St. Luke’s Mountain States Tumor Institute

    St. Luke’s Mountain States Tumor Institute in Boise, ID is one of only five centers in the nation with a dedicated pediatric oncology physical therapist. It is now also home to a brand new outdoor play area, perfect for children with compromised immune systems.

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  • Catering to Small Customers Can Yield Large Returns

    Airport Improvement Magazine states: “A family’s average dwell time in an airport play area ranges from 45 to 90 minutes. That’s a lot of time to capture concessions sales and build customer loyalty. Creating and maintaining a family-friendly play area can go a long way toward turning traveling families into happy, repeat customers.” Written by […]

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  • Playground Safety First: A Toddler’s Point of View

    What happens when you put a GoPro camera on a toddler and send him into a crowded play area? PLAYTIME wanted to know and so we did it! Check out the first-hand reasons that ‘Safety First’ is important in play area design.

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  • Year-End Budget Ideas for Play

    Many organizations have available year-end budget that they would like to allocate to children’s programs and play areas. Whether a complete play area or individual project element, we’ll work within your budget and your timeline to produce great results.

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