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  • Del Amo Fashion Center Lights Up with New Interactive Play Area

    Del Amo_175311541_940x660

    Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, CA has not only gotten bigger, it’s now better with the addition of a new, interactive play area. The new, state-of-the art indoor play area features interactive play elements – PXLPLAY, butterfly and firefly walls that light up with a child’s touch.

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  • Hawaii Moms: We Tried It! The New Windward Mall Play Area


    It’s two thumbs up from a couple of local Hawaii moms recently blogged about the new look and climbing elements at Jones Lang LaSalle’s new Windward Mall play area. The new indoor play area is making waves at the shopping center in Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii.

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  • Overlake Christian Church Serves Community with KidTown Park


    Overlake Christian Church has looked across its community to learn new ways to serve people. In addition to programs that help the homeless and teen moms, the church sought ways to serve families with young children by building a beautiful new indoor playground, which is now open and free to the public.

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  • Sonic Drive-In revolutionizes the franchise model, adds play amenities


    The idea for a Sonic Drive In play area was born by owner Jana Mcdaniel’s personal experience as a parent. She wanted a safe place for kids to hang out at their store. The Sonic Drive-in vintage truck design “hit a home run” and has become the official mascot for the Okarche, OK store.

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  • Washington Dulles opens NASA-themed Kids’ FunWay airport play area

    The Dulles Kids FunWay! 

Photography by J. David Buerk:

    Washington Dulles International Airport, in partnership with NASA, is making travel even more enjoyable for its youngest customers. Children traveling through Dulles International can take off on their very own “FunWay” adventure in a new children’s airport play area designed and manufactured by PLAYTIME.

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  • Westfield® Fashion Square Play Area Blends Fun, Beauty and History


    “Honestly, it´s one of the most beautiful play areas I´ve ever seen in a shopping center,” says Juliet Mothershed, Director of Marketing, Westfield Fashion Square. “It´s even compelling to adults. When I give tours to partners and other visitors, I take them there. It´s a beautiful destination.”

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  • Largest Indoor Play Area in Hoosier State Unveiled at Jefferson Pointe


    If you’re shopping with your kids at Jefferson Pointe, there is now something fun for them to do. The Ft. Wayne Independent recently announced that Jefferson Pointe shopping center has opening the largest indoor play area in the Hoosier State. It features more than 14 soft play elements with Fort Wayne themes like Johnney Appleseed […]

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  • Refresh Your Play Area for the New Year


    In preparation for a busy holiday season, it’s a great time to start thinking about how PLAYTIME can help in the in 2017. There are simple ways to brighten, refresh or add new components to your play area. Here are four ideas to make your play area feel new and exciting again.

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  • Gold’s Gym Mission Reinvests in Play, Enhances Member Experience


    Gold’s Gym Mission, in Mission, TX, has created a whole new family experience by adding an outdoor play area that children love. Now, parents can work out knowing their children are having fun in the Kid’s Zone. “Having an area exclusively for kids is essential for our members who are parents since it allows them to exercise and focus in their fitness goals while we take care of their kids.”

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