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  • The New Success Metric: Return on Experience

    Customer Experience

    Many companies look at their return on investment to determine whether they’re successful. However, this approach ignores the reality of the modern business world. Experience is the new marketing currency, with the customer experience poised to be the main competitive differentiator in 2020. It’s time for organizations to turn their attention to return on experience. […]

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  • Play Perfected

    By Grant Walter, PLAYTIME Chief Executive Officer While we might get more wise, worldly and generally more skilled with age, kids will always have the upper hand on adults when it comes to all things imagination-related. As adults, the real world has a way of encroaching on those vivid, colorful imaginations we all thrived in […]

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  • The Importance of Outdoor Play

    Take Them Outside: The Importance of Outdoor Play For busy, stressed adults, watching kids play at the park might inspire a little twinge of envy. Oh, to be a carefree kid again! But it’s important to remember that, for kids, outdoor play isn’t just about having fun (although that’s certainly an important element). Outdoor play […]

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  • 5 Reasons Why Every FEC Needs a Toddler Play Area

    Family entertainment centers (FECs) are attractions that offer a wide range of types of facilities and business models, all designed to attract families of all ages. From connecting on social media to increasing family business, here are five reasons why every family entertainment center needs a toddler play area.

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  • Largest Indoor Play Area in Hoosier State Unveiled at Jefferson Pointe

    If you’re shopping with your kids at Jefferson Pointe, there is now something fun for them to do. The Ft. Wayne Independent recently announced that Jefferson Pointe shopping center has opening the largest indoor play area in the Hoosier State. It features more than 14 soft play elements with Fort Wayne themes like Johnney Appleseed […]

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  • Maximizing the QSR Experience

    Customers at a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) go through a journey. They arrive at the location, wait in line, place their order, pay, eat and leave. While this can be a quick route, you shouldn’t treat it as a mere transaction. The restaurant is more than a place to eat food. It’s the opportunity to […]

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  • Nurturing Creative Minds

    Using imagination and play to benefit childhood development requires the tempting children’s attempts to do things new and exciting and in unfolding the scope of young people’s critical thinking potentiality. If not universally agreed upon, it is fair to say that great value is given to the notion that parents should limit screen time for […]

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  • Overlake Christian Church Serves Community with KidTown Park

    Overlake Christian Church has looked across its community to learn new ways to serve people. In addition to programs that help the homeless and teen moms, the church sought ways to serve families with young children by building a beautiful new indoor playground, which is now open and free to the public.

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  • Sonic Drive-In revolutionizes the franchise model, adds play amenities

    The idea for a Sonic Drive In play area was born by owner Jana Mcdaniel’s personal experience as a parent. She wanted a safe place for kids to hang out at their store. The Sonic Drive-in vintage truck design “hit a home run” and has become the official mascot for the Okarche, OK store.

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