DuraSoft Safety Flooring System Enhances Indoor Play Area Safety, Cleanliness, and Fun

June 12, 2012

“Over the years, developers have come to realize just how crucial our soft safety flooring is within our systems and how children and families react to it,” says David O’Niones, Vice President of Sales for PLAYTIME. “They both love the squishy, safe nature of how it feels under your feet and the engaging, custom-printed carpeting that leads kids on adventures.”

Much attention is given to PLAYTIME’s soft-sculpted foam indoor play elements, but an oft-overlooked feature of the company’s indoor play areas is its gorgeous, squishy DuraSoft Safety Flooring System. Designed by artists, printed by a custom carpet mill, installed by professional flooring specialists, the DuraSoft system not only keeps kids safe, but it also adds to a play area’s overall appeal.

“We’ve worked very hard to provide the absolute best materials and products to ensure safe conditions for children,” says O’Niones, “and our unique designs tie the play elements in with the respective environments we create and allow kids to truly interact with the floor. It actually becomes another play feature in our systems!”

O’Niones adds, “We repeatedly hear from moms through surveys and focus groups that they will travel many miles past competitor malls to take their child to the play area with a soft, safe floor.”

DuraSoft Safety Flooring System includes an oversize pad for the substrate, covered by a liquid-proof layer, and then topped by the custom-designed carpet, specific to the custom theme presented. It boasts an ASTM-certified impact attenuating rating (drop/fall) that surpasses any play surface height offered in a PLAYTIME system.

“This is an added safety cushion that our customers have grown to appreciate,” says O’Niones.

Since the backing and substrate are virtually waterproof, any spills or accidents stay at the surface and can easily be addressed through daily spot cleaning. Obviously, daily inspections become vital to the life of any flooring system. O’Niones explains, “Many of our customers post through signage the fact that they clean and inspect their systems multiple times per day so that parents have the assurance that their play area is indeed safe and clean!”

But the flooring’s “wow-factor” is what pleases most developers and moms alike.

“The carpet is fantastic,” says Shelly Martz, Common Area Coordinator at Rouse Properties’ Collin Creek Mall. “It’s so cushy and it’s so beautiful!”

O’Niones frequently visits PLAYTIME’s play areas around the world and is always happy to see kids interacting with the carpet as much as they do with the soft foam play elements. “I saw one girl jump out of a boat onto the carpet where there was a design of a pond and she made splashing noises,” he says. “I see kids smell the flowers in the carpeting all the time. Kids get it.”