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People drive miles to visit McDonald's Musical PlayPlace

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May 1, 2011

"Groups are coming from as far away as Indiana, Kentucky, parts of Ohio that are 2 hours driving distance and even had a birthday party come down from Michigan last month," says McDonald's Owner-Operator Terry Jaspers of West Chester OH.  "We have patrons routinely driving 45 minutes to this location, solely because of the toy". 

Terry Jaspers knew she wanted the PlayPlace to be completely unique, something to truly give her an advantage when competing with Burger King, Chick-fil-A, and many of the others nearby. Terry worked with PLAYTIME to create the first Musical PlayPlace in the Central Division. The musical interaction of the PlayPlace has been a driving force behind the enthusiastic response from the community. 

"By doing something different with our PlayPlace, we've been able to attract more customers to the store," says Jaspars. 

In a recent email, Ms. Jaspers reports on how PLAYTIME's Musical PlayPlace is changing McDonald's store traffic:

"The increase in our target audience has been incredible, i.e. illustrating the constant use of the PLAYTIME Musical PlayPlace all day long.  The more interesting change is the complexion of our inside audience.  We rarely see construction workers, but instead "Stay at home MOMS" who meet their friends and stay for 2-3 hours. We have area daycare centers/nursery schools booking their day in advance so we are not overloaded with more than one of them coming in any given day.

The story is the same...the toy is so unique and they have never seen anything like it and their kids beg them to return. I will say that we also get a lot of compliments on the cleanliness of the unit, which we work very hard at and that seems to be a very high priority with the MOMS.

To make a long story short, I am just trying to emphasize that the unit is in constant use from 9am to 9pm everyday.  Please come for a visit and see this amazing phenomenon in person."

Tracy T., a neighborhood mom submitted these comments:

"I live around the corner from here and it does tons of business. I actually had my daughter's 6th birthday here last winter and it was a huge success. So much fun! Everyone had fun. The kids and parents. It can be noisy but you'll have that with kids and I think people are use to that.No one seemed to mind and so many commented on what a great idea to have a party there. Many people who weren't a part of our group watched the whole party in amazement and said they would come back to do their kid's party there."

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