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Store Designs "Bump Out" for PLAYTIME Toddler Zone

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January 4, 2011

“We knew the play areas in malls were popular with Mom’s and their toddlers, and that the mall was always full,” says Ernie Adair, McDonald's Owner-Operator. “We designed a bump out and, instead of tables and chairs, saw the PLAYTIME toys fit in the restaurant perfectly.”

Adair’s McDonald’s store located in Chandler, AZ was not originally designed for a McDonald's PlayPlace.

“It was evident to me after seeing the high density of apartments and starter homes in the neighborhood, that a play area gathering place was really needed,” reported Mr. Adair. “As kids get older at a younger age, we want to target the younger demographic with something new and different.”

Adair has an indoor play area in his Gilbert, AZ restaurant, and knew this type of play area produces, so the decision to install in his Chandler, AZ restaurant was easy.

60-70% of Adair’s McDonald’s business is drive-thru, so a soft play area helps maximize his dining areas, which he feels are too large anyway. Plus, Mr. Adair discovered that the indoor play areas are low maintenance with no moving parts and easy to wipe down throughout the day.

“Mothers love it because it’s smaller, and they can see their kids. They are right there at eye level and parents and kids can play and interact with each other,” reports Adair. “This is a real benefit over the larger play areas where parent lose sight of their kids.”

“The moms like the cleanliness. They see us sanitizing it and feel their kids are in a clean, safe place,” added Adair.

The Gilbert, AZ McDonald’s is full everyday at lunch and after church on Sundays. 

With the increase in childhood obesity, it is important to Mr. Adair that his restaurants provide a place where kids can move around. Toddlers come in and play and the mothers get a break. The kids tire out so they nap when they get home, easing parents into the afternoon.

“Stays are no more than an hour, so we get turnover, so other families can come in,” says Adair.

The soft play areas are designed, manufactured and installed by PLAYTIME, LLC.

Ernie Adair recommends PLAYTIME. “In following McDonald’s corporate logic that kids are ‘getting older, younger,’ it’s best to be responsive and try a new type of play area that engages kids with movement and fun.”
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